Mutations Magazine



For over three decades, Timothy Bacon has worked in broadcast media, interactive media, advertising and branded entertainment as a writer and creative director. He has had numerous screenplays and original television series optioned and has been hired by a number of production companies for rewrite, development and commissioned work. He also served for two years as a writer for the national magazine Studio Probe.

For five years, he served as lead writer at Fuel Industries, an advanced interactive agency and one of the largest advergame developers in North America. During his tenure at Fuel he worked closely with a world-class development team on over 400 pitches and projects ranging from branded console-style games and online worlds to digital toys, interactive video experiences, Intellectual and Licensed Properties and iPhone applications. His clients included everyone from AAA title console games, hit television and film properties, sports teams, car companies, and a host of other major brands.

With Fuel and a handful of other companies he has developed award-winning work for a wide array of clients including HBO, A&E, Playstation, Discovery Channel, Nokia, Fox Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Alliance Atlantis, MSNBC, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Wrigley’s, McDonald’s, Kraft, Hasbro, Lions Gate Films, Starz, Codemasters, Namco Bandai, Nickelodeon, Oh Henry!, SyFy Channel, Spinmaster, Kellogg’s, Jeep, Candystand, Mazda, Mini, Jim Beam, Atom Shockwave, U.S. Army Reserves, Canadian Air Force, Pepcid, Airtran, Nascar, Teletoon, Vans, Marvel, Axe, Ubisoft and Eidos.

In 2006, he formed Mutagenic Studios (now Mutagenic Studios Interactive) to explore photography and art that would allow him to go beyond the written word and push the boundaries of his storytelling. His photographic artwork has appeared in the Montreal Mirror, Guerilla Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine, and at the Fantasia International Film Festival, the Rue Morgue House of Horror, Club Sin and the Montreal Fetish Weekend.

Tim is currently in production on a number of original properties for digital and print that combine both his writing and his art.