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DONUT SHOP OF THE DEAD is now live on Amazon! The first of our 'B-Movie in a Book' is available in both print and digital.


There are worse things than day-old donuts.

Just ask George and Vince, two directionless slackers on a late-night road trip that leaves them lost in the middle of nowhere during the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. A train derailment in a nearby town has released deadly chemicals into the air. The dead have risen and are craving more than just snacks.

Taking shelter in a twenty-four hour donut shop, our hapless heroes struggle to stay on top of the food chain using whatever makeshift weapons they can lay their hands on to battle against legions of the dead, psychotic survivalists, and a deranged zombie cop and his killing squad who are determined to take back the donut shops, destroy all humans and establish a new zombie world order.

Survival is on the menu in this non-stop, balls-to-the-wall, bite-sized horror-comedy that proves the end of the world is full of laughs, lunacy and sprinkles!

SOLOMON, our second in the 'B-Movie in a Book Series' is now live on Amazon in both print and digital editions!


Sometimes faith is not enough.

A decade ago, John Solomon was an enforcer for the city’s most notorious crime syndicate; a brutal weapon who delivered justice for a price and carved out a reign of terror that shattered countless lives.

But, his privileged life of money, drugs and women was quickly spiraling out of control and in a moment of despair he began a tortuous journey for his own redemption that led him to find solace in the church and eventually the priesthood.

Into Solomon's cloistered world comes a desperate woman running in fear for her life and that of her son. The best he can offer her is sanctuary and the next day she is found murdered.

Solomon launches a personal crusade for retribution that returns him to the streets he left behind and reveals an ancient evil that reaches from the back alleys to the corridors of power, consuming all in its path.

Solomon must come to terms with his past and take up his guns once more in a holy war that will shake the foundations of his faith and test the very limits of his soul.


The ‘B Movie in a Book Series’ is our ode to the trash, cult and underground films we grew up with and loved so much. Each book in the series is intended to be like watching the second bill on a double feature at the local Drive In filled with over the top action, crazy gore soaked fun and cheesy one liners. Take an exhilarating ride through a mixture of genres such as horror, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, action and adventure.

Grab your popcorn and prepare yourself for a mad romp through a dead world of zombies and donuts. Join a renegade warrior priest as he goes to war with an ancient evil. Get behind the wheel of a battle car on the desolate highways of a future gone insane. Delve into the twilight realm of a clan of Japanese vengeance demons bent on destroying our world. If you’re craving your next B-Movie fix then dive right in and start turning the pages.