Mutations Magazine

PROJECT - Babylon Smith

Babylon Smith (our graphic novel) is currently being serialized in the pages of Mutations magazine! Here's the first installment for your enjoyment. Click on picture to open viewer.

Here's some concept art and finished panels (both old and new) created over the last few years of development on this project:

During the creation of Babylon Smith, our friend Jenn Proulx, passed away. She was originally playing a major role in the story as Babylon's daughter, Medusa Smith. We were devastated and immediately shelved the project. Later, we decided to complete the story but due to the fact that Jenn had not finished all the shoots we needed for her role we ended up having to alter the direction of the project. When we are done, Babylon Smith will be dedicated to Jenn. Here are just a few of the completed shots featuring Jenn from the story: